About Nelion Care

We are Home Care Service providers for vulnerable adults in Derbyshire and  Nottinghamshire.  We deliver compassionate care  and support for you and your loved ones when you need it most.

Why Nelion Care Givers

Quality at Nelion

At Nelion Care, we weave quality into everything we do. Quality can be seen in the continuous development of our teams and services we provide.   Quality means always striving to lead the way in the provision of the  care and support we deliver to you. Quality can also be found in the way we take an innovative approach, finding new and different ways to shape our care and support.

Maintaining our standards

At Nelion Care, our standard of care is extremely important to us. Our compassionate, highly skilled and dedicated Care team  work together with you and those who support you to ensure quality and timely care delivery. We listen to you to understand what is important to you and support you to maintain it. It is your care so we value your choices.

Taking a collaborative approach

At Nelion Care, we believe in shaping our care and support around each individual we support.. We take an inclusive approach when it comes to your care. It is tailored around you as an individual. We want to empower the people we support to have a voice in how their care is delivered.

  Providing excellent domiciliary care with passion & compassion 

We put the person at the heart of everything. And we do everything we can to help those with complex needs to lead independent, fulfilling and happy lives. We’re proud to be known for providing extraordinary support, and for celebrating the positivity, individuality, and ambition of each person.

Our trusted support is only a call away.